The brief from Starbucks was to road trip around Spain showing a group of coffee aficionados enjoying Frappacinos in such places as Barcleona, Galicia and Andalusia. The challenge: The time. Using virtual production, the team brought to life an imaginary road trip without the carbon footprint and the travel. Using the latest cutting-edge LED technology, Linney’s film studio houses a super-high resolution 6x4-metre HDR LED volume provided by strategic technology partner Samsung. This is the first Samsung virtual production installation in the country. 

Using virtual production as a filming technique, Linney can accommodate every type and size of shoot. Linney has an in-house team of creatives, directors, producers, film crew, motion designers, VFX artists and programmers who can create any environment imaginablefrom mountains to oceans to cavesand then bring it together with seamless transitions between other environments. The benefit of virtual production is the control it gives the production team. Clouds can be designed to suit the brand or product, and multiple sets can be used throughout one shot. With virtual production, Linney is in complete control. 

Take a look at our team working behind the scenes