We helped our client E.ON demonstrate its commitment to Net Zero with a powerful new film, created for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Green Means Go is a spoken word piece, designed to engage city authorities in E.ON’s quest to encourage sustainable energy solutions. It was launched at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Before filming commenced, 30,000 people across the UK were quizzed on their environmental views – and how they’d like businesses like E.ON to achieve Net Zero. With the findings, Birmingham Poet Laureate and Young Laureate, Casey Bailey and Fatma Mohiuddin, were commissioned to create a poem to reflect people’s true feelings, frustrations and hopes for the future.


Green Means Go was born.

Linney’s film and photography teams filmed and captured their performances, bringing the poem to life on the streets of Digbeth in Birmingham and on the terrace of Birmingham City library. Our in-house audio team also composed a bespoke score and soundscape for the film. Further to the initial brief of producing one 16x9 piece, the content was adapted for social media, radio and out of home screens across Birmingham’s train network.